Tray Carousel with Rotating Baskets - Espetosul

Brand: EspetoSul Australia

Product Code: ESPNZA400

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Introducing a new and exclusive addition to the EspetoSul lineup – the Tray Carousel accessory! Elevate your culinary experience by expanding the cooking capacity of your EspetoSul Kit.

Featuring four durable stainless steel trays, the Tray Carousel is designed to support a combined weight of up to 3kgs. This innovative accessory enables you to effortlessly enhance your cooking versatility, allowing you to prepare a diverse array of foods in a single roast.

Ideal for cooking cuts of meat, chicken, seafood, vegetables, sausages, garlic bread, and more, the Tray Carousel ensures a seamless and efficient cooking process. Upgrade your EspetoSul experience and unlock a world of culinary possibilities with the Tray Carousel accessory.