Rotisserie Attachment Rack 57cm Kettle BBQ

Brand: EspetoSul Australia

Product Code: ESPNZ5856

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Now you can have 2 or  3 units of our premium Rotisseries going on the same time on any round shape barbecue. Trade mark registered. 

Attachment rack to suit most popular Kettle BBQs with a diameter of 57cm.

Specially Designed to fit two or three ESPETOSUL NZ rotisseries units on any round  shape 57CM  KETTLES like WEBERS, CHARMATE, OKLAHOMA JOE, and many more brands like it.  Can be used with an open or closed lid. Accessories can be also used.

This rack also fits the NEW WEBER KETTLE JOE

You won't need the rack if you use only one rotisserie on the kettles 57cm.