Portable Brazilian BBQ Rotisserie

Designed and made in Brazil for BBQ lovers. Manufactured from 100% high-strength 304 Stainless Steel which provides exceptional corrosion resistance and ensures a long lifespan, you can feel the difference in quality. It is portable, lightweight and can hold up to 5KG of food. Powered by 4x AA batteries that will keep it spinning for up to 50 hours.

1 Motorized Stainless Steel handle grip
1 Stainless Steel Center Rod 62cm long
1 Stainless Steel Claw 34cm long
1 Set of AA batteries (package of 4 batteries)

Brand: EspetoSul Australia

Product Code: ESPNZ62

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Barbecue lovers know how important it is to cook Ribs, Brisket, Rump Cap, Chicken, Lamb, Fish etc to perfection. This rotisserie unit does just that!

You can now have your preferred meat spinning over a nice & hot charcoal base or on a super hot gas grill to cook to perfection. Meet the rotisserie that is a worldwide favourite as it can replace most others and does a better job.

  • Unlike any other.
    Designed and made in Brazil and made for BBQ lovers. It is 100% portable, quieter than most other unit, you can feel the difference in quality.
  • Easy to open for battery replacement, boasting extended battery life.
    The product is powered by 4 AA batteries, ensuring a runtime of up to 20 hours with conventional batteries. However, when using alkaline batteries, the runtime can be extended to up to 50 hours. Moreover, we provide the option to use rechargeable batteries, offering an economical and sustainable solution.
  • Maximum skewer length of 60 cm.
    A superior-quality skewer with a long grip and modern design. Symmetrical rotation ensures durability from the handle to the tip. Maximum length of 60 cm. Durable and precise for perfect grilling.
  • 100% stainless steel product with corrosion resistance.
    Manufactured with high-strength 304 Stainless Steel , its exceptional corrosion resistance ensures a long lifespan. Additionally, the product's handle remains cool during use, providing comfort and safety during handling.
  • Capacity of up to 5 kg of food.
    You'll have the flexibility to grill various types of food with smooth rotation for roasting, such as chicken, pork, ribs, fish and more. Additionally, you can add vegetables and other accompaniments to the skewer for a complete barbecue experience.
  • What's in the box
    1 Motorized Stainless Steel handle grip
    1 Stainless Steel Center Rod 62cm long 
    1 Stainless Steel Claw 34cm long
    1 Set of AA batteries (package of 4 batteries)


Can I use this on my Gas BBQ?

This product can be used on most of the gas BBQ brands available in Australia. If you are unsure you are welcome to email enquiries@espetosul.com.au with the brand/model of BBQ along with a photo. We will then reply to confirm our rotisserie product will fit on your gas BBQ.

What size BBQ will the rotisserie fit?

Simple to use, portable and suitable for use across many different barbecues, grills, kettles, kamados and drums up to 620mm length.

We also have 200mm central rod extensions and customised central rods extensions available to purchase separately to suit applications up to 800mm

Does the product come with a warranty?

EspetoSul products come with a 3 year warranty from the date or purchase subject to proper use, handling etc. Please read your owner’s manual for full warranty terms and conditions.